We really can't let International Dog Day go past unmarked!

The current office dogs often make an appearance on our social media platforms but we had office dogs long before we had social media so we thought we might take a little trip down memory lane and introduce office dogs of the past.

The first official CJS office dog was Niall and Anthea's Bernese Mountain Dog, Corrie. She wasn't allowed in the very small office very often as she took up a LOT of space and was rather good at pinning people to their desks, she was followed by Flag the tennis ball fixated rescued Golden Retriever. Tracey's greyhound Jess was an occasional visitor, later on Lad the lurcher (of the incredible ears) patrolled the yard (and latterly the garden outside the Goathland office) and Kerryn's Labradors Juno and Maia became regular fixtures.  When we moved the office to Goathland Flag would visit and try to steal Juno and Maia (now the resident office dogs) balls from the toy basket. 

Juno on her twelfth birthday

Maia the majestic
On one occasion when Flag was staying for longer than usual we found him outside looking rather confused - the green 'ball' he had liberated turned out to have big stalk and tasted rather funny, he'd found a large piece of broccoli! Amy's young collie William joined the office dogs and helped no end, especially with interviews. Tracey's next office dog visitor was a podenco rescued all the way from Spain and Limonie, like Lad had huge ears (do you sense a theme here?). 

Limonie of the large ears

William the wonderful (aka Bill the beautiful)
 However the biggest semi-official office dog was Finnegan, the foolish Irish Wolfhound, fortunately the Goathland office is somewhat larger than the tiny Sleights one, I don't think he'd have fitted in there.  
Fantastic Finn the foolish.
(Yes that is the ceiling only a foot away from his head, and no that's not full stretch!!)
We'll leave you with one last Labrador - well, according to Facebook they are the most popular dog, Hebe who was the first office puppy.

Office Puppy Hebe
All grown up