The Wild Coast of Wester Ross

If you’re missing the outdoors you’ll enjoy some photos from a trip Paul Gallagher of Aspect2i made to Mellon Udrigle in Scotland.
Paul says: I walked alone onto the bay at 9.30 and began making pictures. Within an hour I was totally transfixed and soaked up in my work. Everything presented images to me. Seaweed, sand patterns, ice patterns and the waves coming in across the bay and crashing onto the sands and swelling in a muscular fashion around the rocks dominating the beach. I was there when the sun rose above the small hills in the morning, and I stood, still in awe as the last light of day died when the sun dropped below the horizon and I watched as the shadows diluted away. It was at this point I realised I had not stopped for any food or rest and I peered at my watch to see it was 4 pm and my time was up.

Find out about landscape photography from Paul and although the CJS photo competition has been suspended, we are happy to share any images that will lift the spirits so feel free to send them through. 
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