The first CJS Weekly of 2020

There we go then, back into the swing of things, the first CJS Weekly of 2020 is now on its way.  It has a slightly different look as well, we've matched the section headers to the new website styling and like the website we've put the volunteers back into one section so be sure to check the time commitment required.  We're making sure to put all the jobs, regardless of pay scale, that offer significant training for new starters under the apprenticeships and interns heading.  As it's a growing area we've added a freelance, self employed and contracts out to tender section - this might not appear every week (like this week!) but if we receive any adverts that fit this grouping that's where they'll be.  And finally it's back to our regular logo instead of the special birthday one of last year.

This first edition of the year runs to 28 pages with 62 adverts for jobs including three for apprenticeship / interns,  nine of which are only in CJS Weekly i.e. not online and thus not in the daily email there are a further 20 for voluntary roles plus all the news in full.

If you'd like to know more about CJS Weekly and how it differs from this daily email read the information here.
You can view out of date copies free of charge online here or request a sample copy here.