Is everyone telling you it's Blue Monday today?

Wouldn't you rather have a nice hot cup of tea or coffee than worry about all the depressing events in the news (and closer to home)?

 According to its creator Blue Monday is a dangerous "self-fulfilling prophesy", believing that today is the most miserable day of the year makes it become more likely.  The date was chosen based on a pseudo-mathematical formula involving the weather, debt, motivational levels and time elapsed since Christmas for use in a press release in 2004 encouraging everyone to book their summer holidays! Instead he's now advocating that everyone is happy and positive and maybe takes today as a chance to gain a little perspectives on our lives.  If that leads you to thinking about a new job - then sign up for our daily email (here), and if it's a promotion you're thinking of then brush up those skills and renew those certifications, find training courses here.  For inspiration browse through the in depth features here.

But don't worry about the credit card statement (we spent how much on Christmas?!?), put away thoughts of how long it is until your holiday but maybe continue to daydream of sunnier, warmer days and put the kettle on and make it a Brew Monday -  a new campaign from the Samaritans who want to get everyone together to connect over a warming cuppa, helping to make us feel better and manage the ups and downs of life particularly when it’s cold and grey outside, and raise some funds along the way.  Kick start the New Year with a morale boosting get together, help colleagues get to know each other, and is a lovely way for employers to show they care about the wellbeing of their staff.

Can you work out which mug belongs to which CJS team member?

Right then: two mugs of Yorkshire tea, one green tea, one coffee and one cup of Pontefract cake (liquorice tea) coming right up.