Thank you to all volunteers.

Organised by the UN International Volunteer Day  is a day to say thanks to our volunteers and recognise all their hard work and the difference it makes.
Find out about this day here.

Here in the UK we have a lively, active community of volunteers and across the countryside sector our volunteers give hundreds of thousands of hours of unpaid work making the difference between doing only what's absolutely essential to being able to run those schemes that really have a positive impact. Read about some of the amazing things our volunteers have achieved in the CJS In Depth section here. If your volunteers need a boost there are some articles about how to keep a happy crew, how to recruit and what to do to say thank you.
No matter how much time you have to spare there is something everyone can do to help - if you're willing.
If you're really, really busy you could join the 'clicktavists': the online activists and petition signers, busy raising awareness of causes, campaigns and projects a few minutes at a time.  Submitting records of sightings or taking part in citizen science projects takes as much time as you're prepared to commit: a few minutes logging your wildlife sightings, a few hours to take a walk checking a right of way or along a transect as part of a bird or butterfly survey is a lovely way to fill an afternoon or two.  More about what's needed here.
A morning's gentle weeding or more vigorous all day balsam bashing would be more suitable for people with a few hours to spare whether that's on a regular or one off basis, or if you're more of an indoors type of person you can help out with social media or perhaps make a commitment to keep an eye on collection boxes in your area.  Many organsiations are need of people with bags of enthusiasm and/or professional skills to act as trustees.
Although when most people think of volunteering in the countryside their mind goes straight to the full  or part time placement and there are always opportunities available across the country. See what's currently on offer here.
Whether you're starting out in the sector as a new graduate, transferring in from another discipline or have retired and want to use your time in a beneficial the countryside, conservation and wildlife sectors will welcome your assistance, find organisations in your area here.

An advance notice for volunteering organisations, the 2020 edition of CJS Focus on Volunteering will be published on Monday 10 February. Information will be online next week or contact Amy.