New website - new features

Whilst designing the new website we added in several new features and as more information populates the system there will be some more added next year - but at the moment it would only show you blank pages, and no one wants that!

For job hunters the biggest, and most often requested, feature is the ability to create your own 'jobs list'. At the bottom of every job on CJS Daily you'll see the Save This Job green button.
Simply click, the button and the advert will be added to your profile on our sister site Countryside-Careers.Com.  This is our CV listing site but you don't need to post your CV to save jobs, simply create a basic profile and start adding the jobs.

Just under the Save This Job button you'll see a blue "See everything from this employer" link.  This takes you to a page where, as the link says, everything from the employer is listed; so not only do you see all the jobs but also the voluntary opportunities, any training or professional events they may be running and as we add more to the system you'll also see details of any features they have written or published on CJS and any news headlines from or about the organisation.
You can access these via the search by Employer option, where you can either type in the organisation name or scroll through the alphabetic list.

Another frequently requested feature: The jobs search has been refined, you can now search by county as well as by region.  We considered using post codes (as has been suggested a few times) but as many countryside job locations don't actually have post codes and converting everything to grid references was bit long winded (plus the software wasn't too keen!) we decided that bringing it down to county level was probably best. There's also the option to filter by post grade and contract length.

We've changed the way the volunteers section works, instead of having placement type opportunities by role responsibilities and occasional volunteering roles by region they're now brought together so you can browse all environmental education voluntary roles on one page or look at all the voluntary opportunities in East Anglia.  We've also refined the search function: you can search by job type, location at region or county level, by commitment required and even add in which benefits you'd like: accommodation, expenses or formal training.

On the Training Directory we've added in webinars and online learning as a distinctly separate section from distance learning, so if there's an online seminar it will appear here (  Note of caution here, as this is a new section it will fill up as new courses and events are added.  Like for jobs, the search functions have been improved as well.

There are yet more new features in the pipeline for next year but if you've got any suggestions please contact us to let us know what you'd like to see and we might just add them to the list or they may already be there….