So which one do you like?

The CJS Team has been pouring over the lovely photographs all week, marvelling at the skill and patience needed.  As Katie says: "Glad I’m not a judge, I like all of them!" 
But we did manage to narrow it down to one or two favoured images.  We were all drawn to bird images this year.

Rich Bunce: Brighter Skies on the Hoizon (Rock dove)
Both Amy and Carla chose Richard Bunce's Brighter Skies on the Horizon which won the Habitats Category.  " I just think it’s a really lovely photograph and like how it’s got the houses & trees below… plus it’s in Yorkshire!" says Carla.  Amy thought the silhouette like images of the birds were amazing adding, "then there are the different layers to the photo with the mist, the sun allows you to just make out the houses and trees below."  

Blue Tits in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn by Paul Sawer
Katie was drawn to this one as well  saying, "as it’s a view we never get to see and I like how the birds stand out as the town wakes up beneath" but then kept scrolling though the images and fell for the blue tits by Paul Sawer,  "I love the Blue Tits in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn (can’t pick which one though!)."

Common swift skimming thew water by Robin Chittenden
The image that caught my attention was Robin Chittenden's  swift skimming the water, the technical skill required to achieve such a perfectly composed, in focus image and the reflection too - magic.

And a special mention for the hare photo taken by Thomas Easterbrook aged 11 - I have soft spot for hares and this one looks so wise, holding so many secrets.

Brown hare on a damp spring morning, Havergate Island, Suffolk by Thomas Easterbrook (Age 11)

Congratulations to all the photographers, your images are incredible and amazing.

We've been collating   collating our coverage of the awards including many of the winning images here