Life on the Verge in Devon

Credit: Tom Hynes
A pilot project in the North Devon Biosphere to help communities revitalize their roadside verges, and by doing so create a network of safe havens for wildflowers and endangered pollinators, has been so successful it has been launched across the whole of Devon county. 
Devon County Council is encouraging communities to manage verges for wildlife (where safe to do so and not in conflict with health and safety management of verges) and have produced a free step-by-step guidance document for local communities and parish councils.
When managed properly, road verges provide ecological networks with an astonishing amount of wildlife - according to Plantlife, road verges across the UK support over 700 plant species and nearly 45% of our native flora. Find
Hear more about the ‘Life on the Verge - Biosphere’ project from Ecologist Tom Whitlock here