On World Photography Day take aim at some wonderful prizes

Today is World Photography Day an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography aiming to inspire photographers to share their world with the rest of the world. 
The first photographs were a lot more complicated than tapping the app on your phone and involved large pieces of equipment, lots of chemicals and copper plates to hold the final image created by the Daguerre Type process invented by two Frenchmen, Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre and Joseph-Nicephore NiĆ©pce.  Their invention was announced to the world in January 1839 and it may have remained a very expensive, exclusive experiment until the French Government purchased the patent and on the 19 August 1839 presented the full details and instructions to the public as gift to the world.
We've never looked back. Last year it's estimated that we took over a trillion images, are taking more photos every couple of minutes than were created during the first 150 years of photography.
To share your photographs with the world share them on social media and tag using #WorldPhotographyDay or you can upload them to https://www.worldphotographyday.com/

For a smaller but perhaps more appreciative audience you could share them with your fellow readers of CJS by entering our competition and you might even win some wonderful prizes.  This month we're giving away a subscription to Conservation Land Management magazine.  We also have some incredible prizes for the overall winners. The photo we consider the best will be invited to attend the British Wildlife Photography Awards Gala opening event in 2020. One highly commended image will gain a years' membership to The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers which is for pro and enthusiast photographers who enjoy photographing the natural world.

They say: "Whatever your interest is in photography, SINWP is here to help and support you. So, if you would like to just learn more about photography to achieve better results then help is on hand. As a member of The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers there are lots of benefits you can take advantage of. These include a listing on our website where you can have an image of yourself, online gallery and your signature image - which is your favourite image.  Our online forum and members only Facebook group continues to be the place to talk with fellow photographers, both socially and also ask advise if you need any help with your photography.  We also have a monthly image competition with plenty of categories including nature, wildlife and macro and close-up photography. All images that receive a gold award are put through to the annual Photographer of the Year, in which you could be crowned Nature/Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 at the awards night in the annual Convention! 
Find out more about the Society on their website: www.sinwp.com

Find out more about the competition, see some of the entries so far and peruse all the prizes on the offer, there are lots! here: c-js.uk/CJSPhoto and then email your photos to photo@countryside-jobs.com (please read the rules, we'll assume you have)