CJS is celebrating International Bat Night because…

Who can fail to see the adorableness of the furry flying midge-hoovers?

International Bat Night is actually tomorrow, since 1997 this annual celebration of bats has taken place on the last full weekend of August with more than 30 countries taking part!
We have a special affection for these often misunderstood little mammals.  We're fortunate enough to be living in countryside with quite a few populations, we regularly see pipistrelles, noctules and brown long eared bats doing a wonderful job of munching up the seemingly millions of midges that make evening walks a tortuous, itchy, blood filled experience.  This liking for bats was one of the reasons we chose Bat Conservation Trust to be our first featured charity in 2016.  My blog post: Don't sit on the bat! Explains a little more - you'll have to read it to find out why I was in danger of sitting on a bat!!    BCT wrote several articles for us across the year about their work and beautifulness of bats, you can read them here.  This year they would like to encourage everyone to celebrate bats so we have put together an International Bat Night Pack which you can download for free here (pdf). The pack is full of ideas, links and resources - and if it's not too soon why not plan ahead and start thinking about Halloween? There are some great bat activities for children of all ages, I think my Mum might like a Long-eared bat mask!