Project Splatter – using citizen scientists to monitor wildlife roadkill

The 10 most commonly reported species observed as roadkill, and submitted to Project Splatter (by percentage of all roadkill records), 2013-2019.
Sadly, the average commuter is familiar with the sight of a squashed badger on the side of the road. But, just how common a sight is this? In 2013, Project Splatter was established to try and answer just that question. To achieve its aim Project Splatter collates wildlife roadkill reports from across the UK, using data submitted by members of the public. 
Since its inception in 2013 the project has grown exponentially with over 60,000 reports submitted to date. Almost without fail badgers are in the weekly ‘top 5’, and across all species badgers are currently the most reported roadkill animals
The team would be interested to hear from any organisations that collect any UK wildlife roadkill data that would be interested in collaborating with them. Find out more data here