The power of the outdoors

"The biggest difference I have noticed is my confidence and how resilient I am". Kirsty, age 13

CJS readers will no doubt understand that being outdoors can be the perfect antidote to life’s stresses and strains. At the Youth Adventure Trust, we have been using the ‘power of the outdoors’ to transform the lives of vulnerable young people for more than 25 years.
It might be easy to forget that for a vulnerable 11 year old, the world can be a confusing and daunting place. Often, this is because of circumstances out of their control.
The hurdles they face may seem insurmountable, but we believe that engaging with these typically ‘hard to reach’ young people at an early stage, age 11, and supporting them through to age 16, will have a real impact on their future lives.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we launched our exciting plans to double the number of young people we work with each year, from 240 to 480, by 2021. We’re already halfway there, but we need help if we are to achieve our goal and enable more youngsters to benefit from the ‘power of the outdoors’.
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