If you down to the woods today, I'd recommend taking a marmalade sandwich or two (and some ear defenders!)

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise - hundreds of under fives dashing about with a stuffed toy (not always a bear) clutched under one arm with frazzled parents trying desperately to find the bear that was dropped five minutes ago and was last seen serenely drifting down stream and in the middle of it all a zoned out Environmental Education Officer (or Ranger)  wondering why on earth they thought this was a good idea and the best way to introduce the 'wildlings' to the wonders of the natural world.

Earth to 'responsible adult' ah, there you are….

One loud long blast on the whistle (I recommend an Acme Thunderer) brings everyone up sharp, and a bellowed promise of juice and biscuits and everyone comes dashing back into the circle to plonk down on logs, picnic blankets, rucksacks and at last order is restored.  A few well chosen words and an interesting 'fact' or two and mission accomplished, small people are now poking in the mud pretending to be wading birds looking for worms, bustling about in the leaf litter looking for 'mini-beasts' in their best hedgehog impressions and collecting multi-coloured pieces of wool (demonstrating camouflage theory, it was worth cutting up fourteen balls of wool and hanging  strands over branches even if the green and brown ones never return and you'll walk into them dripping wet and now slightly slimy in six months time whilst being serious on an A level fieldwork trip!). Everyone will have a wonderful time and remember their picnic with teddy and go home with a smile on their face before returning later on to visit the site again.
July 10 was officially named National Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day in 1988 (In US).
The Teddy Bear's Picnic is a well used and popular event at many outdoor (and a few indoor) locations for good reason, it really is an easy way to encourage children and accompanying adults into the great outdoors, introduce them to your site and the countryside code thereby ensuring they'll enjoy future visits and respect (we hope) the natural world.

And just in case you're planning (or have been volunteered for) such an event and need to brush up your skills have a look at Environmental Education courses and CPD here: https://www.countryside-jobs.com/Training/short-courses/ed and First Aid here: https://www.countryside-jobs.com/Training/short-courses/1aid