We can't let this one go by without a woof!

For the office dogs, Dido, Hester and Flora - that's every day, they're such an integral part of CJS they're even on our Meet the Team page.

There has been some scientific research into the benefits of pets (not just dogs but cats too) in the work place and it's been shown that for most people, dogs and workplaces it's a great thing. Benefits include:  improved office morale, better communication, absenteeism, and a healthy work-life balance. Having dogs in the office reminds owners and colleagues to take regular breaks, short walks,  enjoy a little playtime and provide temporary distractions that are completely un-work related allow mental breaks and reduce stress levels in all involved.  Studies prove that pets have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and make employees more cordial and productive. A study published by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management (2010) concluded that the presence of dogs in the work place even had a positive effect on those employees who didn’t have a dog of their own.
There are potential drawbacks of course: people with allergies, animals from more than one household potentially not getting along and the ever present trip hazard of a well placed bone or sleeping hound but we wouldn't be without our reception team, goods inward inspection and health and safety officers  you've been sitting far too long, time to move Labradors officers.