Don't forget CJS

When you're enquiring about something you've seen with us. Whether it's a job, an event, a volunteer day or following up an article.

We maybe don't say it often enough but please, remember to mention that you saw the advert with CJS.  I know you're excited about the perfect post you've just seen or a little nervous about asking a question however it's really important that you don't forget us.  If you don't say you saw it advertised with CJS the advertiser won't know.

Why are we writing about this now?
We've been running our advertiser satisfaction survey this year and we're finding that across the board the level of responses are lower than in previous surveys but one thing that a few respondents have mentioned is that candidates are not stating where they're seeing the post advertised (that's not just CJS but across the board) and in one instance it was only at interview that it became apparent the applicant had initially seen the post on our twitter stream and contacted the employer as a result.  So even if you're not reading the full advert on our website or in our newsletters please let the advertiser know you first saw the advert with CJS whether that's on Facebook, in the daily email or reading about it in CJS Weekly.  It helps advertisers know where to put their efforts when it comes to advertising (of course we hope that's with CJS) and for the smaller charities perhaps save some of their hard-won funds for something more important.  This year it's maybe even more important so that we can get the feedback from advertisers and then when we receive an advert that we know is not going to receive a good response from CJS readers we can let them know or refuse to take the advert - that's right we turn down work when we know it's not right for you, our readers - no, the advertising agencies don't believe it either!

However, having said that, advertisers are happy with CJS.

Advertisers survey responses so far this year:

  • 97.5% of advertisers would recommend CJS.
  • 70% of advertisers think the standard of applicant from CJS is better than from adverts placed elsewhere.
  • 75.8% say the response rate is as good or better than from other adverts and 48.5% say it's better.

If you're the position of needing to fill a vacancy don't forget to ask your HR Team to place your recruitment advertising with CJS to get the very best candidates!

If you are applying for a job or advertising one:  Please remember CJS.