Take your human away from work

Hello - office pups Dido and Hester here!

Did you know that once a year there's an official "Take your dog to work day"?   Well, there is and it's TODAY!  (more here) Which is very, very exciting, of course we go to work every day (read about our exploits in last year's bring your dog to work day post) but all our doggy friends can spend the day with their nominated person seeing exactly what they do all day.  BUT (why is there always a but?) if they are anything like our person it's going to be a very BORING day :(
All our person does is sit still and go clickety-click and peer at the boring TV screen (no animals or balls - boo).
Of course being in The Office means we can keep an eye on her and make sure she moves around a lot - that's very important for everyone - by taking us out for puddles, filling the water bucket, getting on the floor to tie electric string together (electric string and tails is not a good combination apparently) and most importantly giving us regular cuddles, that's a stress reliever.   We all know there's nothing worse than having a stressed human around: they grumble and grump and don't hand out treats often enough and as for playing fetch? well no chance, so regular cuddles it is - even if you have to climb on their lap to distract them from the boring-no-ball television.
When the weather is good (and even if it's not) we bring our leads and sit and give her the 'puppy eyes' (you know the ones fellow woofers ;) ) to persuade her to let us take her for a w-a-l-k at lunchtime and even a bit of ball throwing if she's lucky.  Our big sis Hebe goes sometimes, and sometimes she takes her amy-amy instead of our shared person.

We work very hard at all these very important tasks earning our bonios.  We get lots of bonios so we must very-very good at them.

Enjoy your day at work dogs and then don't forget to take your human home again with you when all the vital doggie-chores are complete for the day.

Woofs and licks