Lies, numbers and statistics

Mark Twain credited it to Benjamin Disraeli but then again it could have been Thomas Huxley who first said:
"Lies, damned lies and statistics."
Well, whoever it was it's crept into our language and is a universal acceptance of the fallibility of statistics or more precisely the manipulation of numbers to prove your point.  Which is why I like to see the raw numbers as well as the quoted stats, so here you go, see some of ours from this past week:

We're not entirely sure why our Facebook pages have suddenly leapt in popularity, all we did was put one link from one page to the other and a small notice in the daily email and there you go a 7,000% increase in page likes! Stunning, we must do it again sometime....

In the mean time we'll plod on with the usual day to day business of putting out CJS, the latest Weekly edition has gone to press and digital editions will be available very soon. all 22 pages of it with 93 adverts this week, 69 for paid posts.