Blue Monday?

Apparently the third Monday in January is "Blue Monday".  The most depressing day of the year, Christmas is well and truly over and the daily humdrum work is getting monotonous.
Well our Blue Monday is certainly one to be avoided:
  • Slushy / icy snow everywhere including the roads (no plough or grit) AW had an interesting trip to work this morning.
  •  My desktop computer is very blue, blue screen of death in fact, fortunately I have just got a new laptop  - but that only has half the software I need and until about 20 minutes ago no printer.
  • Then just to cheer us all up British Gas sent us yet another mis-addressed demand, apparently Mr Chris Field of C J S News owes them rather a lot of money and rather than trying to make contact with Mr Field someone has simply sent the letter to us - if you google C J S News our address is top of the results. When the first one arrived last year I spent rather a long time on the phone explaining we don't have mains gas and that our electricity is with another  company.  They promised the letters would stop and our details would be removed from the account but some may be in the system and to return those marked as 'not known at this address'. Which we've done with the two other letters which arrived since and will do the same with this one.  They're rather good at this, sending a letter to the Prince of Wales pub about an outstanding amount for HRH Prince of Wales (see article on BBC here)
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