The dog poo fairy

What a lovely subject!
But as we're all dog owners and responsible ones at that we pick up, bag AND BIN making us part of the nine out of ten.

This has been the discussion via one of our intranet documents this past week:
And here's the Tidy Britain, We're watching you campaign PR

They do have some free posters, not this one (yet) though. (see: so we could get some of those and put them up. 

I suppose we would have to laminate and it wouldn’t just be simple would it – why not? It never hurts to try! Although over the coming months there will be improvements in the number of bins etc. so hopefully this may help the problem.

Have you seen the bag hanging off the hinge of the gate at the station end of the Mill Green?

OK, so how many cans of biodegradable luminous paint do we need?!?

I did debate whether to get some highways marking paint to circle each pile I found!


Different colours mean different writers (purple one is also a Parish Councillor)

Although it's been discussed before this particular conversation was triggered by the latest Tidy Britain Campaign - which, needless to say, we're all behind - and was in last week's news, you can read all about it here. We're watching you!
In response to our tweets about the problem we were tweeted by @TheDoggieWoggie who said, "Do your doo-ty...even in the dark. If you are using a need for poo pick up", They are a company based in Indiana USA (where else) who have a solution, find out more here:
Now I'm sorry but my mob would simply sit down and refuse to be seen out in public or failing that remove each others or their own 'baskets'. Anyway it gave us a giggle and at least someone is trying to find a fix for irresponsible dog owners (although they probably wouldn't buy or use a DoggieWoggie anyway).  The big thing is that the problem gets worse in the winter, now whether that's because people think they can get away with leaving it be in the dark or perhaps it's that the residents are less responsible than the many visitors to the village, hence the idea behind luminous pink (office dog Hebe insists it's pink) spray paint and at least if it's glow in the dark we won't tread in it...

In between our delightful discussions we have put together this week's edition of CJS Weekly, 15 pages this week with 32 adverts for paid posts and 16 for volunteers. It also has the second advance Christmas Warning meaning there are only two more editions left this year - heavens. There's more information here.