End of Term

So that's it then another 50 editions of CJS Weekly published and another year drawing to a close.  Which means that for us (at least) it's time for a well deserved two week break giving everyone that end of term feeling.  AW suggested that we could all bring board games for the afternoon like everyone used to at primary school.  Prompting a a trip down a memory lane cluttered with cards, kerplunk, mousetrap, connect four and snakes and ladders and ending with a lively discussion about which games everyone liked or didn't.
Scrabble (2399933493) by Tim Niblett - ScrabbleUploaded by MaybeMaybeMaybe. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Common

Turns out cludeo is AW's favourite, monopoly in our house (longest running game was for nearly a month and everyone ended up bankrupt after a certain person built four - yes, four - hotels each on Park Land and Mayfair), scrabble is popular with HB's family.  This last one caused quite a stir because we found out that TB has never played! So if we get time today (not likely in all honesty but we can save it for rainy day, indoor playtime?) the boards may just have to make an appearance!