Streamlining, holidays and it's Yorkshire Day

We've spent part of the week streamlining the advertisers information online.
CJS is rather complex, with three publications and multiple options in each, and we are aware that's all too easy to get lost in the various options available to advertisers. We started with the Online advertising which now has the basic information on the first page and moved the more in-depth wordy pages further into the website so they're still there if you follow the links.  The online submission form has been simplified too and there's still no need to register to advertise with us.  We'll look at the newsletter advertising information pages next, that's CJS Weekly and CJS Professional with a view to producing a similar basic details page followed by the more detailed information on a second page.
We've also made a couple of changes to the home page to make some information more readily available.
We're open to suggestions for any other alterations and updates, please email us your ideas.

AW is not in the office today, her sister is arriving today from New Zealand for a few weeks catching up with family - needless to say she's very excited!  HB is demob happy because she has a week off next week - although it's not a holiday - holiday; as Chair and Secretary of the Village Flower and Vegetable Show she's spending the week in frantic last minute preparations for the Show which is a week tomorrow (Sat 9th).   In other office news, the latest edition of CJS Weekly is now live and paper copies are printing, this week contains details of Surveys and Fieldwork added to the website over the past month, plus the usual jobs, 42 adverts for paid posts and 15 for voluntary ones.
Being a proud North Yorkshire dog, Hester wishes everyone a Happy Yorkshire Day, but would The Person to stop faffing about and get on with the walk please?  The mug of tea will be at waiting when we get back. Speaking of, time to put the kettle on I think....