Apprenticeships and Interns

Over the past year we've noticed an increasing number of apprenticeship and intern posts being advertised. Therefore, we've created a new section specifically for this type of post.  Like voluntary positions we will include basic details online free of charge on the new Apprenticeships page (here: and also like volunteers we're offering a discount on paid advertising options.  We're also including details of any found from other sources under a new heading in the CJS Digest but these are in the Weekly newsletter only and not included online.
What's the difference between an apprenticeship and a volunteer placement?  CJS classifies a voluntary placement as one which is totally unpaid or has only out of pocket expenses. Whereas an apprenticeship has some remuneration in addition to a significant level of training leading to a recognised qualification. Occasionally there are a few unpaid internships and we'll include these too.
Click through to see the current adverts, here.  At the moment they're all in one block, most recent additions at the top, however if we find we're getting lots of adverts we will sub-divide the section.
If you have an apprenticeship or intern vacancy send it to CJS for free inclusion, either email us the details or use the online submission form, here.
Do tell us what you think about the new section and let us know if there are any other changes to CJS you'd like to see, email us,