Sounds of summer (and lots of sugar)

What a wonderful day, glorious sunshine, and warm too, the windows are open and the sounds of summer - screaming swifts and car alarms - are sailing in, along with the wonderful scent from the apple blossom which is looking amazing. This morning I saw the first hawthorn blossom, yesterday it was still in bud however, walking past this morning the trees were frothy with the new white flowers. The birds are busy too, there is a cartoonish Mr Blackbird who patrols the back lawn and has regular tugs-of-war with the earthworms.  There has been a male sparrowhawk on a regular fly-through too, earlier in the week he flew round the corner across the garden and stuttered to a halt before landed on top of one of the colonnade poles, after a quick look around and he took off again disappearing over the hedge at typical sparrowhawk top speed.

The website has moved, is sort of settled, emails are still a little problematic (one took 23 hours to arrive - no we don't know why either!) but we're winning, or so we keep telling ourselves.  The behind the scenes things were only semi-finalised this morning so it's been another trying week, however, the offices supplies company very kindly included a free box of penny sweets and chews with our latest order and the frequent sugar hits have kept us going if not entirely sane but it is at last the end of the week and we think we've done all that has to be completed.  Including a monster CJS Weekly of 20 pages containing 53 adverts for paid posts and 14 for volunteers, the Training Calendar for July and also an additional 19 pages of CJS Focus on Environmental and Outdoor Education.  Phew, and after that lot I think we all deserve a nice refreshing sherbet sitting in the garden enjoying the sun.