Any good with beetles?

We've had a plague of these small beetles, they emerged in the middle of April and covered everything, the whole village, they were found on all types of plants as well indoors wandering across computer keyboards, along kitchen worktops, falling in the bath.

Here's a beetle, they're not very big, a dark browny-green khaki colour with a brigher orange line down the join of the wing cases, legs and underparts are all very dark brown, not quite black.
(there's a bigger, higher resolution version to view here: )

If you know what it is please email us (

Beetles and insects were never my strong point -now if it was an obscure grass particularly a moorland variety or a even lump of dried out mangled sphagnum....

We have lots of cuckoos shouting across the fields to each other every morning, we're almost at the point of wishing them to be quiet - they will be soon enough.  AW reports that their tadpoles (rescued from the same puddle as last year - silly frogs) are growing well and the children are enjoying watching their progress. 

The new workstation has been set up and we're finding out which bits of software need updating / personalising, and there are a lot!

CJS Weekly has gone to press, 16 pages this week, with 50 ads for paid posts and 13 for volunteers. Digital editions are already available and postal copies should arrive on Tuesday. 
CJS will be open on Monday but the amount of tweets and information depends upon how much is sent to us, usually very little on a Bank Holiday so we may go home early.