New advertising rates and options

1 July means that the last advertising rates expired at midnight and we've taken the opportunity to update and amend our rates.  For the better we hope.  We've added some new discount deals, improved the package deal and  now all full paid advertising in CJS Weekly goes online too.

Our new rates will apply for any advertising that appears from 1 July onward.
CJS Weekly: New rates to correspond with CJS Professional and now paid linage and display adverts are posted online in full.
Full coverage: post your advert in CJS Online, CJS Weekly and CJS Professional around 20% more than online only.
Discounted rates now apply for 3 or more adverts. Buy in bulk up front for greater discounts and you have all year to use your pre-paid advertising.
Voluntary or unwaged post? Let us know and get 50% off your adverts.
What about free?  Yes, we still offer standard linage in CJS Weekly and enhancements, eg add a logo, are only £20 (£10 for voluntary posts).  See samples online here. 
Access social media.  CJS has a large and growing network across twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.  All online adverts are promoted across our network as part of your advertising.
CJS Online and CJS Professional: No change except an increased audience.  We estimate 90,000 CJS Professional readers and in 2012 our website had around 27 million hits equivalent to 4.2m page impressions by 1.2m unique users.
For more information about the new rates and range of services available download our rates card or the full media pack

The first adverts under the new deals went out in today's edition of CJS Weekly.

If you'd like more information have a look at the website, CJS advertises a wide range of posts, if you're not sure whether your role is suitable send it to the Team to have a look, we'll get back to you with suggestions, likewise send your ad to us and we'll get back with best coverage options and quotes.