The gremlins come out to play

They've been nicely snoozing for a while but a small group decided that this morning was the perfect time to come out from behind the motherboard, take a zip wire trip down the wiring and play with the mail server.  The first we knew about it was when people started reporting that the online forms were misbehaving and throwing up unusual error messages, next up was an advertiser emailing on our main account to say that when replying to an email on a different account they were receiving an 'undeliverable message'.  So we started some investigations and not before time, shortly after the main email server joined the party too! We transferred as much as possible to our backup (good ol' google) whilst our IT hosting company did whatever IT hosts do to evict the gremlins.  They're mostly gone but a few are still hanging around, blowing raspberries.
Emails are now trickling into the inbox in an odd order and several hours behind when they would have normally but they should (fingers crossed) all arrive eventually.  If you've sent us a message but not received even an auto-response it probably means it's been part of a gremlin's lunchtime picnic so please resend to both the address you usually use plus a cc copy to our back up: