Hawk, owl, bat and daffodil - no, not an incantation but this week's sightings

Would you believe that we still have daffodils in flower - it's all gone mad!  I'm really hoping that I might finally get my sweet peas plants in the ground this weekend, the cosmos (still in pots) has a few little flower buds or rather had, it's been dis-budded which should make the plants even stronger and bushier with more flowers later on when they're actually in the flower beds.
The bank holiday weather was glorious but it would seem that we've paid for it over the rest of the week.  Wednesday and Thursday the fog was so thick we couldn't even see across the field, Wednesday night the rain was torrential and flood warnings were in force in the River Esk on Thursday; however, today the sun has burnt the fog away and now it's hot and steamy.

The Green End lambs are doing well and will be on just a one milk feed a day next week, FiFi (named by junior Ws) is doing the wall of death around the house and is already capable of jumping to head height.

On her usual dog walking stroll across the stepping stones and up the river from her house TB has seen a dipper bobbing up and down in its hunt, she been seeing it on and off for a week or so and now we're hoping that it might settle and become a regular fixture.  Back at CJS the sparrowhawk has been through the garden but I don't think it's been successful and on Tuesday morning on there on the telephone wires was Mrs Fat Owl, first sighting this year, another first was the brown longer-eared bat , also on Tuesday but this time in the evening.

And one final sighting for this week - a CJS Weekly of course, an 11 page edition with 27 adverts for paid posts and 13 for volunteers.