Nearly bedtime.

By home time on Monday it already felt like a long week, so by mid-afternoon Friday it seems an eternity.  Nothing major, a few grumbly computers (nothing new there then), another dollop of snow (getting boring now) and just really busy with both a Focus (live on Monday 18th) and a Professional to put together and publish plus lots of jobs to post online and various bits of office housekeeping.  But this afternoon we're being treated to carrot, crushed pineapple and sultana muffins, hand made by Miss B (Sub-ed HB's 8 year old daughter). [Ed: very tasty they were too, well done KMB]
The latest snow arrived on Wednesday afternoon resulting in some 'interesting' journeys, it then partially melted during Thursday but froze solid overnight so this morning office dog Hebe and I needed skates instead of walking boots for our usual excursion; we slipped and slithered our way round picking up the papers on route.  The fluctuating weather means that the visitors to the bird feeders are not the same two days running, there are still lots of finches including an increasing number of siskins, but not as many of the tit family and we're delighted to announce that our lonely robin now has a mate  - they've been wandering around the garden inspecting potential nest sites and flitting around the feeders. 
And as it seems to be compulsory this week to discuss equine matters: we like horses (TB especially). They can be quite tasty - but if I want horse on my plate I'll ask for horse on my plate. So we're sticking with "buy British, buy local and from the butcher" or in AW's case - go one better and grow your own. 
The Weekly has at last gone to print, 17 pages (plus 29 for the Focus) with ads for 42 paid posts and 16 for volunteers.  It will take a while for that lot to print but the digital editions are online and emails are on their way.