Getting back to normal

After an even more frantic than usual January thanks to the addition of a rather large quantity of snow spread out over the course of two weeks we're finally beginning to catch up and get back to normal whatever that may be!  In trays are beginning to emerge from under the drift of paperwork, communication has risen above the muttered "hum" and barked "what?" level.
The year's tally to date is 300+ job ads, 500+ training courses, 4 CJS Weeklies, one CJS Professional and half a CJS Focus (heading your way in two weeks time on 18 Feb), number of office hours - unknown because we were too busy to count, but lots!
The latest CJS Weekly has gone to print, is already online and emails should be landing soon. This edition is 15 pages long with 55 adverts for paid posts and 12 for volunteers.