Strange phenomena

It's been, I think they call it dry, and then there's that big light in the sky which I'm told is known as "sun" and is responsible for the warming of the air.  Whatever it is it's most peculiar.  Although I do like the lack of wet being a coldblooded type of person who revels in the white stuff I'm already grumbling - and planning a work-in-freezer! But AW is still wearing her fleecy footwear.
As the seasons change summer noises emanate from SubEd HB's desk with little hisses of "get in" which we're translating as another wicket gone in the Test Match.  At the other end of the seasons KH is getting twitchy about the end of winter - tomorrow when the Aviva premiership comes to a close with the final at Twickenham, poor office dog Hebe is already fretting about the effect of the oval ball on her Beans.  On the up side then the yellow fluffies start (that's tennis) on the clay in Paris next week and then onto the lawns of Queens and Wimbledon.  AW is dreading it all, she doesn't really follow sport and gets a bit jumpy when various scores are shouted out with varying degrees of vigour.  Despite our various sporting proclivities none of us is overly bothered about the Olympics, maybe we're just too far away.  Or the Jubilee either come to that - well the village events anyway.
Full busy week next week and then a couple of quiet days with the double bank holiday - we have lots planned to do whilst it's quiet but more of that at a later date.

Great excitement this week, we've got a new kettle! 
The lid on the old one didn't always stay closed which made for a sauna-ish kitchen.  The new kettle boils the water hotter, I understood water boils at 100 degrees C (except at altitude, which is why tea is revolting on Everest of course) but somehow the water from the new kettle is hotter so the question is did the old one cut out below 100 and new one above? Did the old kettle exist at a higher altitude? Is there something quantum going on in our kitchen?  As we've now disposed of the old kettle we can't check.

This week we've updated out Terms & Conditions explaining our lack of cookies - no annoying pop up cookies consent boxes for us. This week's CJS Weekly edition has gone to press there are 16 pages including the second half of the Training Calendar, details of next month's work days, 13 adverts for volunteers and 41 for paid posts of which 32 came direct to CJS.
Enjoy the strange phenomena and the sporting events of the weekend.