Those holes are too big.

There are holes in the sky, 
Where the rain comes in.
But they're ever so small,
Which is why rain is so thin.  So says Spike Milligan; except someone has been drilling extra holes and big ones at that! Over this past week we have been drenched, soaked, deluged and generally made ever so sodden, sopping and wet-through. In between downpours it has been persistently damp and drizzly. Saturday had to be seen to be believed, Goathland was jet-washed.
It's driven our last swifts away, they've not been seen since last Friday.  The swallows are gathering on the telephone wires already but the martins are still feeding young. Could someone tell them (and the weather gods too) that it's only mid-August and not really early October?  So our final attempt at the Big Butterfly Count was yet another wash out, we'll try again next year.

It made it quite nice to be a dry, warm office putting together the various CJS publications. The Monthly went out earlier this week and today the Monday's Weekly went to press - 17 pages waiting for you.  Including a nine page Training Calendar for October and lots of news along with those all important jobs, 24 new paid posts of which 22 came direct to CJS plus 11 volunteer placements.  The digital edition is online and has been emailed, print copies will be with you Monday as usual.