Summer leaves and autumn leaves

This is the row of big, mature trees (approx 100+years old) behind the CJS office, and the horse chestnut is already turning, the hawthorn hedge is red with haws and the robin is calling his territory.  Although the martins and some swallows are still here it seems as though summer has left and the autumn leaves are almost here. (Along with several tonnes of water falling from the sky, seriously soggy)
Sub-Ed HB is back in the office this week for a nice peaceful week after the stress of putting on the village Flower & Veg Show, she returned complete with the trophy for the most points in the baking section - no samples have been produced (a horde of hungry small people got in first) so we can't comment!!  Although KH's sweet peas didn't win anything the pot of lilies put in at the last minute came first and AW's (still on maternity leave for a few weeks) little girl won the trophy for the most points in the children's section aged five and under whilst HB's little girl won the trophy for the same but in the 6-8 years old group and Master B won the 'Cake baked by a Man' beating his dad! And CMH (office dog's body) is over the moon that her pottery 'drunken mushrooms' gained a third in the 'any other handicraft' section.
The poorly hound who required emergency vet treatment last week is on the mend but needed another visit to Eastgate Vets for more pills and potions.  Office dog Hebe is a little spaced out, she's on her herbal potion to help keep her calm tomorrow when we're expecting a barrage of fireworks in the evening.
In the CJS Office the latest edition of CJS Weekly is now printing, this week there are 10 sides with 27 new paid posts of which 22 came direct plus 6 volunteer adverts.  Digital editions are online and the emails are on their way.