Were you an April Fool?

A wonderful crop of April Fools jokes today, our favorites are the RSPB's Trafalgar Square nature park, almost as good as their polar bear last year. . We also like Cornwall Wildlife Trust's clothing range for dolphins, I'm sure Flipper would have loved their tabard vests;  the Dartmoor Pygmy Sperm Whale was a good one too.  On the not countryside side of things we found the plan to depressurise rugby balls to prevent mid-air collissions over Twickenham worthy of a giggle.  Now I know 1st April is a good day for silly things but it maybe wasn't the right day for the National Trust to talk about walks with silly names, it turned up on the BBC's list of "10 stories that could be April Fools pranks but aren't"

It's not been too silly in the CJS office this morning as the firewall kept locking us off the network - not good at any time but especially not so on deadline day. Coffee and chocolate biscuits are now running dangerously low, good job it's the weekend (nearly).  Despite that the printers are now rolling with Monday's edition which is nine sides long with 47 new paid posts of which 42 came direct to CJS.  Digital editions are now online available to view.

By the way, we hope you like the fresher look to the blog!