Jobs, jobs, silence and then LOTS of JOBS

Just about sums up the week, Monday was reasonably busy, then Tuesday and Wednesday were suspiciously quiet as we waited for the other shoe to fall which it did as predicted at 3.30 on Thursday and then it was manic. Today we ran out of booking sheet for the online and the Monthly's filling up nicely for next week. So plenty to keep you all busy job hunting (we hope). The Weekly edition is printing and being prepared for dispatch, this week it's 8 pages with 32 new paid posts of which 27 came direct to CJS (and it feels like all of them in the last 24 hours!). Digital editions are already online.
HB is really trying to get the short training courses list up to over a thousand, we thought we'd made it today but then deleted the ones that happened this week and we're still 39 short. If you've got any events you'd like adding - free of course - then please send them over and maybe, just maybe, we'll crack the kilo.