high flying targets

It was a wee bit blowy yesterday, we thought the roof might just come off! Turns out it's quite well nailed on and is still (for the most part) still there. The birds were struggling and having to take a few attempts at landing on the feeders, not good for them but quite amusing for the rest of us.
HB is delighted, thanks to every one who's sent us their course details. We were only aiming at 1,000 and it's nearly 1,200! However, that does mean that it's taking a fair bit of time to input and upload all the details, they'll be there soon. That doesn't mean you can stop sending them though, next target is 1,500; although HB's just mumbled, "Wouldn't it be great to have 2,000 training courses listed?", (do you think perhaps I'm being a little conservative at 1,500?!?) - keep 'em coming...
Training Calendar for May will be in next week's edition of CJS Weekly. This week's edition is printing and is already online to read. It's got a request for your input on a potential redesign of the linage layout. We really do want your opinion so please read the information, look at the examples and make your choice. This week there are ten pages with 68 new paid posts of which 52 came direct.