Can I go home now? NO!

It's been one of those days, my computer was on its third restart by 9.30, then an assortment small calamities and catastrophes befell the office. We thought it had been a bit quiet so decided to have lunch only to discover upon our return that the website and emails had disappeared into a black hole, even the website of our webhosting company had disappeared and as our IT people are on the same system they were incommunicado too! Twitter, facebook and google let us give out different contact details and then two and half hours later emails suddenly started arriving again and we were back - now just the Weekly to put online and email out. An air of studied concentration filled the office as we caught up and waded through the back log, light relief was provided when a cupboard door fell off giving rise to an outbreak of contagious giggles which reduced everyone to gibbering wrecks - it really has been one of those days.
Anyway, we have put this week's edition together and it is printing ready for posting out later, the online versions are now available for all. This week there are nine pages with 34 new paid posts of which 26 came direct to CJS, this week's edition also includes the training calendar for December, in a new easier to read format.

And now it's time to break out the chocolate biscuits....