Busy, busy

Well, there was a small deluge of jobs today and we're quite out of the way of it! Ten new adverts on the website plus a small heap added to the Weekly, which is the largest for a while at eight pages with 42 new paid posts of which 35 came direct to CJS.
The lane leading to the office has been remade this week but the contractors ran out of stone at 4 this afternoon and are 4 tonnes short! 4 dumpies will arrive on Monday and the job will be finished a little later than intended, they were due to start on Monday but because the cracker at the quarry was broken on Monday and our first load which was due that afternoon afternoon didn't arrive until mid-morning Tuesday. Young hound Finnegan has been fascinated by the 'dinosaur' picking up the stone and even more so by the viking driving it! Office Labradors have remained mostly unmoved, although Hebe is slightly dopey because of her herbal anti-firework medicine which will (fingers crossed) prevent her from becoming a complete and utter wreck over the weekend - her desensitisation CD has been getting ever louder and she seems relatively unperturbed. Thick curtains, more herbs, some loud music and a tennis ball and we should be fine.