British Tigers

And no we're not talking rugby (although we will if you want, how do you think Tigers will fare against Bristol tomorrow then? and what about the Lions selections?)
This is a countryside site so we're actually talking about the Scottish wildcat which is the focus of our fascinating feature article this week. With the horrifying thought that there could be as few as 400 pure bred wildcats left making them rare than the bengal tiger. Click on the logo to visit the site and find out more.
CJS Weekly is now printing and post allowing will be with you on Monday, the digital copies are already online so log on to check the latest vacancies of which there are 87, 53 of which came direct to CJS. this edition is 12 pages long.
The windows are progressing well, scaffold down on Monday and then the downstairs ones go in. The dogs are still on tenter paws and watching every move, it's good job they've not learnt to climb ladders, although it won't be long before Hebe figures them out!
Enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts.