It's done.

The builders have finished, tidied up and gone away. The new path looks lovely and the brain is in overdrive planning the new borders, grass paths, plants, shrubs etc. But that will all have to wait, rebuilt wall next.

And CJS Weekly is also done for the week and the printers are rolling away. With the reduced scope (fewer publicity / fundraiser etc) it's only nine pages this week but over 60% of the jobs came direct to CJS, 41 of 67.

No storm damage to report – thank goodness. Although CJS is based on the east coast we're about nine miles inland safely protected behind very high cliffs, so high the Vikings called the area cliffland when they sailed past. Over the following years cliffland has been corrupted into Cleveland the county just above North Yorkshire on the map. The woodstove is fizzing away keeping everyone lovely and warm and the hoards of birds in the garden are keeping us entertained. We do seem to have fewer blue tits than usual but great tits seem to be at about the same number as last year (see this week's feature article). The nuthatch has also returned feasting on peanuts and sunflower hearts.