We're not bothered about Friday the thirteenth - are you??

So we were left in the dark yesterday. It worked out quite well as we received our first delivery of logs for next winter. No power = no computers so a spot of manual labour was a welcome change although a tonne and half of logs was perhaps a little excessive. Anyway two hours later all stacked and looking smart, the stack is four rows deep. These are mostly ash with some beech and are three-quarters seasoned should be great by October (we really don't want to light the stove before then if we can help it!). Of course we couldn't have managed it without canine assistance, Maia, on the left, and Juno. The shed to the left is where we stash the post until the postie collects - so it's a post box in disguise!!

RM workers on strike again today so your postal copy of CJS Weekly may be delayed and if you didn't receive your copy of CJS Monthly yesterday it will be, hopefully, waiting for you on Monday. CJS Weekly is this week 12 pages containing 81 new paid posts of which 42 were sent direct to CJS including several new advertisers.