Friday news

Our new printer really is super fast, even faster than the other one has now been nicknamed 'Zippy' – don’t ask it's probably best not to! Copies of CJS Weekly are now falling into the usual huge heaps. This week's edition is 11 sides long with 76 new paid posts of which 34 were sent direct to CJS from the employer.

Whilst the rest of the country swelters with bright sunshine Goathland shivers under grey clouds and intermittent drizzle, we've had the heating on today and are thinking about relighting the woodstove.

Fish update: The tank of tropical fish seem to have coped well with the upheaval of being moved, we only lost two neon tetras and one rosy barb all the others including the lovely big blue oranda and the charismatic golden loach are swimming and eating normally – which is good news. As we'd lost a couple of fish prior to the move there was a gap which we've filled with two replacement neons and three Red Columbian tetras and are predictably now known as the drug barons.

Don't forget Monday is another Bank Holiday so although we'll be in the office catching up with all those things that lurk at the bottom of the in tray there won't be any adverts posted online.