Chelsea Flower Show

On Tuesday K went to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show leaving A in charge – you never noticed did you, well that's only to expected as she did a great job.

The show was wonderful as usual and the digital camera worked over time eating batteries but producing 70something fantastic images. Which we've loaded to picasa so you can see them too. Visit:

Sustainability and resource management was a key feature of the show this year and several of the gardens reflected this including the Marshalls one which we really liked. But we did feel that some of the show gardens were more like a filmset than a garden. The small gardens were very impressive, the attention to detail and amount of stuff (landscaping, plants and props) in such a small area is incredible. We were very tempted by the sculpture, but fell out over whether a 9' silver giraffe or 7' high copper seahorse would be better in the shrubbery but as the seahorse was £21,500 we decided that perhaps not after all and came home with a 30cm dragonfly (for a tenner much more our price range!).