Unleashing the Power of Volunteering: A Transformative Journey at Celtic Harmony Camp - Volunteers Week

a person dressed in historical dress holding something and giving a talk to an audience. Text reads: Unleash the power of volunteering
Celtic Harmony is a hidden well of tranquillity that lies at the edge of Bourne Wood, a few miles south of Hertford. Despite being part of the National Curriculum since 2014, the Stone and Iron Ages are not that well known to those who left Primary School before then - leading to a bit of a knowledge gap about this period! Indeed, it seems people don’t realise how interesting a time it was! 

For #VolunteersWeek we take a look at their unique site that offers a myriad of volunteer opportunities that not only contribute to woodland conservation and sustainable living but also offer a transformative journey for individuals, encouraging teamwork, and enhancing overall personal wellbeing! 

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