A day in the life of an animal keeper - Love Your Zoo Week

2 giraffes eating foliage from the top of a tree in a zoo enclosure, looking on & up is a zookeeper. Text reads: A day in the life of an animal keeper
The Bristol Zoo Project (run by the conservation and education charity Bristol Zoological Society) is home to animals from all around the world including giraffe, cheetah, red panda, zebra, deer, ostrich, gelada baboons and lemurs! 78% of the animals in their care are both threatened and part of targeted conservation programmes but the Society’s aim is for this to rise to 90% of species by 2035!
For #LoveYourZooWeek we get to shadow two of their amazing animal keepers to see what it’s like to spend a day in their shoes! Learn more about what they do and the animals they care for, and how you too could get a role just like this, here