Happy New Year

handwritten Happy New Year surrouded by a frame of fresh green foliage and spring flowers
We hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, we've certainly appreciated the break.  Here at CJS 2023 started out exceptionally busy and just continued on, we published more adverts than for many years and we're hoping 2024 will bring as many opportunities for everyone across our sector.  However, that busyness does mean that the inbox is very full; we're working our way through your emails this morning. The first job adverts will go out this afternoon and the first news updates (should) be tomorrow, if the inbox has not been decimated the news may have to wait a little longer.

Plans for the year.
In July CJS will have been publishing newsletters for 30 years! We are intending to run a photography competition to showcase the sector as it is now and also giving a glimpse into the past (we hope). We’re arranging some lovely prizes, so watch out for updates in the summer. Before then we hope to have a sparkling new (but familiar) website, if everything goes according to plan it should be live in early spring. We are also expanding our social media network building a presence on an increasing number of platforms thereby reaching a wider audience.

More: https://c-js.uk/4auwtHa