Benefits of reading CJS Weekly

When there's so much freely available why would I subscribe to CJS Weekly? 

CJS Weekly is the original Countryside Jobs Service, created simply to deliver a packet of job ads straight to you every week.

It still does that, this year we have published 705 adverts (including apprenticeships and voluntary roles) so far that’s:

593 paid posts of which 36 ONLY appeared in CJS Weekly

Plus 102 more in the unique CJS Digest, we reintroduced this feature in 2022 and you can read more about what it is and why we brought it back here there's some more history on CJS Weekly too.

Nearly 700 jobs and 20% of them only in CJS Weekly is the most obvious reason for subscribing.

No need to ever worry about missing anything, get it all in one place in one package

Everything that we post online, that's  all the news, features and information is also included in CJS Weekly, in one handy package so you can be sure of seeing everything we publish rather than missing some things in the flood of social media posts or into the depths of your spam box.  Not only that but what you might not know is that CJS Weekly readers get early access to many more features, for example the calendar of training courses and events is included at the beginning of every month, it's not online for at least two more weeks.  Job profiles and careers focused features are published in CJS Weekly several weeks before they're shared online.

Screen grab of the masthead of CJS Weekly.

So what are you waiting for? 

It's only 50p a week or for students and new graduate it's totally free!