Now published: CJS Focus on Employability

10 articles and a video presentation 

The lead article is from CJS guiding you along the career path, giving tips on how to decide which area of the sector you want to work in and if you’re entering sideways as a career changer how you can use the skills you already have.

Claudia Smith now works for Denbighshire County Council as a Countryside Ranger – your perfect job? Well find out how she got there and what advice she can give you.

The National Trust is a major employer in the countryside sector so we are really pleased they’ve taken the time to tell us what makes a job application stand out from the crowd. 

Working in rights of way – what’s it like, what skills do you need and what are employers looking for. All provided by ScotWays

Still at university or college? Worried that you won’t have the practical experience needed to succeed in the sector? Eva is now on a traineeship with TCV – learn how she worked hard to make her self employable whilst still learning. 

Aidan is a Conservation Officer at Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust but he wasn’t always in a job. Aidan’s main suggestion is to make connections at every opportunity, you never know when they might come in handy.

Our video presentation comes from Rob, the MD at Arbtech. He offers insight into the fundamental factors that make an ecologist more appetising to potential employers. You’ll be surprised to find it’s not always experience & qualifications. 

Are colleges doing enough to equip students for the world of work? Sparsholt College believes it is and tells us what they are doing to ensure students are able to secure paid jobs. 

You’ve made it through the application process and have an interview. Well done! Richard at Ecology Academy guides us through how to prepare for the interview – a must read. 

Further experience of securing work in the conservation sector is from Hattie, she now works for Blackpool Council as a Park Ranger. She would advise taking every opportunity you can.

To finish up we get the experiences of Antony from The Environment Partnership – how he has moved on and up in his career. 

There are also adverts for course and resources to help you become more employable.  

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