Update on advertising with CJS.

It's been a busy few months, our stats show that we've published more job adverts this year than at any time since 2017. Many thanks to everyone who has sent us adverts, both paid and free ones. We're delighted to let you know that we are able to keep the rates for paid adverts the same and you can now place unlimited listings in CJS Professional. We have standardised our multi-advert discounts, starting from 5% for three adverts and a reminder that there is a 10% charity or agency discount on all paid adverts. See details of all our Discounts and Deals here or ask us when sending your adverts.

Like many people we took last year's lockdown as a chance to take stock and re-evaluate what it is we do, why we do it and what we want to do in the future. The answer came back the same but better, which as so many of you tell us what we do is already excellent (thank you for all your lovely comments by the way, they brighten up our days no end) is going to be a tough task but we think we're up to it.
We're putting jobs back at the centre of all we do - well it is at the heart of our name: Countryside JOBS Service after all.
Over the last few years we've said yes, of course we can do that, to pretty much everything and CJS has become somewhat diluted as a result - still very much countryside focused and providing excellent service but we've realised this has come about at the cost of the jobs and careers CJS was created to promote.
As part of this commitment to jobs and careers we're making it easier for you to place adverts, to see what you've already sent us and even to amend current adverts or relist previous ones. Register on our online portal to get started.
For more about what we're changing read on here.

Countryside Jobs Service is one of the first places people look when searching for jobs in conservation.  Their prices are very competitive and their staff are so helpful.  We have had some great candidates come through CJS and always get a good response rate to our adverts.

Houptoun House Preservation Trust

Quality over Quantity
CJS has never focused on providing large numbers of applications, instead we've always offered highly targeted advertising. Our readers know that we only accept adverts relevant for our sector and will refuse to accept general, non-sector specific adverts and so CJS has become the trusted countryside specialist. For advertisers we promise high quality, knowledgeable, enthusiastic candidates with a great love for the British countryside and natural world. I'm sure you'd rather be struggling to choose between 10 amazing candidates than wading through 100 average applications.

If you're looking to contact a countryside, conservation, nature, ecology, education, wildlife professional then CJS really is the place to advertise.

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