Happy New Year.

Well that was a different sort of Christmas - we hope you all had a good one.

We hope 2021 will be a better one than 2020.  It's going to be a year of rebuilding (with luck and a following wind!), of standing strong but remaining flexible enough to bend with whatever comes next.  Here at CJS we're ready for (nearly) anything! We're making a start on the mountain of emails, that extra Christmas week was much needed but crikey the inboxes have overflowed, it's going to take us a while to work through everything so please bear with us.  The first job adverts will be posted online later today and the first news updates (should) be tomorrow, if the inbox has not been decimated the news may have to wait a little longer.

As before everyone is still working from home on flexible hours to fit round family commitments which once again includes home schooling - sigh.  To work with this the team is normally available between ten and four but you may receive responses at other times.