Feeling a little under the weather, a bit overwhelmed?


In normal times - anyone remember those? - today would be Blue Monday a day when everyone is feeling down that Christmas is over, the next pay cheque is still a way off and summer holidays are tantalisingly just over the horizon.

But this year everyday feels like a blue day* and I suspect we'd be happy just to share a meal, go to watch the match, have a hug, even simply to get up and go to work like normal.  However, these strange times have made many of us reassess our lives and look at what's important to us, what makes us happy and what we want to do in the future. 

If you're seeking a New Year, New You, New Start and that includes a new job and have already crafted your updated CV then you ready to post it to our CV listing site designed specifically for dedicated countryside professionals visit: Countryside-Careers.Com and get started.   Unusually our CV listing site also hosts details for freelancers to advertise their availability and showcase their expertise to employers who maybe initially hadn't thought of using a freelance service or perhaps need urgent short-term cover.  If you're striking out on your own as a freelance ranger (that's where Niall started) offering environmental education sessions and forest school (that was my start), as an independent ecologist (we both did that one!) or any other form of freelance employment make sure you add your details - like most things with CJS it's free.

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 * If you're really feeling like you can't cope The Samaritans are running Brew Monday today. Mind have declared a Mental Health Emergency and have a lot of resources and both are always there to help.